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Thank You Card
This Thank You card was printed on White 65# cardstock. I trimmed the edges off the sides and the bottom, so there was no white showing on the front of the card. On some areas of the card I used the clear glue and sprinkled some glitter on the card and let it dry. I then tap the card against the table to get off any excess glitter. (Usually there is very little ) In other areas, I used the glitter pens that Debbie T. recommended. They are easy to use and I like easy. You want to be careful to not have so much glitter on the card that you can't see the graphic. The glitter is used as an accent. This is a horizontal fold half size card.


I wanted to share this with you because it was one of my "Mistake" cards. : ) I got the card all done and realized I had printed the inside upside down. LOL I didn't want to lose the little angel, so I just cut her out and will glue her on to a Colored piece of card stock and make a new card. I don't throw anything away LOL. I used the 3d Paint pen, two layers all around the edge, trying to give it a beaded look. I used the glitter glue quite heavy on the wings and in the middle of the flowers. Since I didn't have anything printed on the other side of the angel, I can also turn this into a cute gift tag, and just punch a hole and put a nice ribbon on it and write in my message on the other side


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"Angels, as friends, come along when you need them."

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