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Decorating Cards with Ribbon

It is so much fun to decorate cards with different ribbons.
It is very dangerous for me to go to a fabric store or a craft store
when ribbons are on sale, probably even when they are NOT on sale....LOL

Anniversary Card
This is an Anniversary card I just made for my Mom and Dad. Their Anniversary was earlier in Jan. so I'm a bit late for that and too early for Valentine's day, so I combined. I used some heart ribbon that I got on sale after Valentine's day last year for the top and bottom borders of the card. It's hard to tell from the photo, but I also layered the bears with 3m mounting tape so they are dimensional. I used UHU gold and red glitter on the hats and shoes. I do not know where I got it. It's ok, but a bit too thick for most projects. I prefer to use a double stick tape on my ribbons rather than a glue. Not only does it hold better, you don't have to worry about any ribbons getting ruined from the moisture of glue.
Angel Misc. Card

I usually keep a few of these printed and ready to go for various sentiments. Get Well, Thinking of you, etc. The glitter I used on this is called Glitter Writers and is my favorite glitter to use. See my supply page for a better description.

I also used the double stick tape for the ribbon on this card. I have pictures of it and links on my supply page. I might also mention that the glue guns work well for heavier embellishments.


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