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Decorating Cards with Vellum

Vellum is a lovely enhancement to any greeting card. It changes the card from a nice card to an elegant card. I have seen many Wedding Invitations and Baby Announcements done with vellum.

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Valentine Card Front
I made this card using the sign format. This gave me more control over the dimensions I wanted. I have both sides folding to the front to meet at the middle. I printed out the heart angels on sign format also, cut them out, glittered them and used the 3m mounting tape to glue them on to the left front of the card. I used the sparkles glitter writers on the white to give it a bit of a beaded look. It's a bit hard to see, but I also used the corner punch rounders with a heart design on all the corners.
Valentine Card Inside
My message is on each side of the middle. In the middle I have the same Angel graphic that I used for the front of the card. Lite Pink Vellum is over the middle part of the card. I used the hole punch and two colors of ribbon to attach the vellum to the middle of the card. On top of the vellum, I used a Rose Class A Peel. ( see my supply list )
Valentine Card Back
There is nothing exciting about the back of the card, I just wanted you to see that it is consistent with the front and the middle, so the same pattern goes all around the card and no borders. : )


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