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Gift Tags - Business Cards

These are some examples of different ways to use business cards for your computer crafting

Gift Tag 1 Gift Tag 2
I have made several labels for Christmas Tags using the Business Card format. I normally print them on a sheet of Sticker Paper. Avery carries it and paper stores like Kelly Paper. Avery has many different sizes of stickers, but I like the full sheet so that I can make them any size and shape I want. If you do not have access to sticker paper, just print them on your business cards and use double stick scotch tape or just tape it on the gift. I did use the business cards for these. I divide the card in half. Looking at the screen, the right side is the front of my tag and the left side is the back side of my tag. After printing, I will fold them in half and write my messages in. You can print on the insides also, but I like to keep them on hand for different occasions. If they are blank, they are more versatile. Of course, I don't think this one is very versatile. LOL
Gift Tag 3 Gift Tag 4
Another example of a gift tag. You can use your paper punch and punch a hole in these and use ribbon. These make nice gifts for a friend. Print out a few sets for all your friends. I bet you haven't guessed that I like Angels? LOL You can accent these with glitter, your corner punches or any embellishments that you would use on a card.
Magnet 1 Magnet 2
Another use for business cards is magnets. I love to make magnets for all occasions. You can get the business card size magnets at office supply stores. Avery also has printable magnet sheets now. Just another idea for a magnet or a gift tag. Magnets are fun, give them a try.


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