PNW - Tacoma Mini Meet - September 21, 2002

Please join us for the fun... : )


What is a Mini Meet? Anytime two pals or more get together, to share, to craft, to have fun and laugh, it is a mini meet.
I want to hostess a mini meet, where do I start? Select a date, an area, and post the information to all the Pals lists you are on and ask your other Pals to post the info on the lists they are on. Ask the members to reply to you if they are interested, so you can get an idea of number of attendees.
Should it be at a hotel or home? This would depend on your desires, and how many members attend and what size your home is. There's even been a mini meet at a "Campground"...
If I am going to have it at a hotel, how do I go about arranging it?

You will want to scope out the hotels in your area and talk to the function coordinators and see what kind of rates you can get for the number of attendees you are expecting. Find out if they would also provide a meeting room and what would you get for meals.

How long should the mini meet last? This is at your discretion. Most mini meets start on Friday night for dinner as the Pals start arriving with most of the mini meet being held on a Saturday. Sometimes breakfast on Sunday and then off to travel back home. Some mini meets have been extended for 2 days or more to allow for shopping time.... : )
What kind of activities are usually planned?

Again, this is up to you. You can ask for volunteers to do crafting demos that you know they enjoy doing or demo computer programs every one has been wanting to learn such as PSP or the newer versions of PA. If you are going to do computer stuff, make sure you have hook up at the hotel for laptops or other puters and possibly printers.This is not necessary though, you can get along just fine at a mini meet w/o a computer or printer.

What are mini meet swaps? If the hostess decides she'd like to have a mini meet swap, then you would make any craft item you like to take to the mini meet. This is probably MY favorite part of any minis because we usually just sit around and hand out our swap items and describe how we made it. The ideas you get from these swap items are just incredible. The hostess will let you know in plenty of time how many to make. Many of the members will use the winning logo to create their swap items or use it in some manner, but this is not manatory. It is also not mandatory for you to participate. You can watch and drool. LOL
What does the host/ or hostess do once the mini meet date and hotel is set up?

Again, this is up to the hostess. If she/he wants to round up prizes, she can ask for donations from the Pals or the Pal Vendors and decide how she wants to hand out the prizes. Getting prizes is always fun, but it's also very important to remember to thank the Pal Vendor once you get home for the prize. These are donations at no charge to us and very nice of the Vendors to do this for us.

The Hostess will also set up the schedule for the day. Start time, lunch time, and line up demos or sharing events, and be sure to allow for just some plain ole fashioned yak time. It's amazing how much pals have to talk about.

How often do you think there might be a mini meet in my area? This is very difficult to answer, as you never know who is willing to take on the responsibility of planning an event like this. The average has been once a year for most minis, with other Pal Members planning more than one a year.
Do you have a Question that you would like to ask about mini meets? Please Email Tish and she'll try and get you an answer

Registration Fee $ 25.00 Please send to Darlene no later than Aug. 1st. The sooner the better.

EMail Darlene for her address to send the registration fee.


Includes meeting room from 8:00 - 5:00

Coffee and Donuts in the AM ( YUM )

Lunch - Either Buffet or Served depending on number of attendees. ( We want 30, so bring your daughter, your Mom, your MIL, Hubby, anyone that wants to have some fun. )

Hotel Price $ 79.00 plus tax. Share with a Pal and you reduce your rate by half. : ) and you have twice the fun. When you call, please ask for the Pacific Northwest Mini Meet rate.